" Yoga – A Panacea !"

Studies show that a regular centralized practice of Yogasanas, specific Pranayams, and Bandhas and Kriyas yield the following benefits corrects faulty postures, increases strength and flexibility in joints, tones the musculoskeletal system strengthening tendons and ligaments, reduces sciatic pain, relieves arthritis, alleviates cervical spondylitis, reduces backache; tones abdominal organs, stimulating digestion, relieving gastritis, acidity, flatulence, chronic constipation; relieves migraine, fatigue; stabilizes BP, cures breathlessness and palpitation; energizes the reproductive system.

Yoga postures that target abdominal fat and overall weight loss, hold a key to reversing Insulin resistance. Fat tissue, especially around the abdomen, decreases the body's sensitivity to insulin, resulting in prediabetes. Resultant Insulin spikes cause more fat deposit.

Studies show that decrease in serum Cortisol during yoga practice is correlated with activation of brain's alpha waves. Cortisol also know as "stress hormone", activates our fight or flight response. Chronic activation of this response may be at the root of many of the so called modern ills - obesity being one of them. Extra Cortisol increases cravings for sweets and nudges the abdomen into opening its fat depots and storing more fat.

Certain Yoga postures and pranayamas have been found beneficial in massaging and stimulating the thyroid gland, improving the basal metabolic rate, thereby helping lose weight. Thyroid hormones - Triiodothyronine(T3) and Thyroxin (T4) are primarily responsible for regulation of body's metabolism. Underactive thyroid results in lower basal metabolic rate resulting in weight gain.

Studies have shown that Yoga practise could have beneficial health benefits including weight loss by altering and regulating Leptin production. Leptin - is an appetite controlling hormone manufactured in the fat cells, and sends satiety signals to the hypothalamus. Leptin resistance is known to develop in obese individuals, thereby triggering hunger, reduced energy expenditure and weight gain.