Patanjal Yoga Sutras

  •  (I.1)
    Now, the exposition of the discipline of Yoga that is to be followed, begins.

  • The four functional characteristics of the ‘Inner-doer’: Mind, Chitta, Intellect (Buddhi), and the constant humming of awareness that ‘I am the doer / I am experiencing.’ (Ego)

  •  (I.2)
    Yoga is complete cessation of the ‘Chitta-vrittis’.

  •  (I.3)
    Then the Seer abides in its own form.

  •  (I.4)
    At other times it appears of the same form as is taken by the ‘Chitta-vritti’.

  •  (I.30)
    Disease, Mental laziness, Doubt, Carelessness, Sloth, Craving for sense-pleasure, Delusion, Despair caused by failure to attain solid ground in a given field and inability to maintain this ground when attained – these ‘distractions’ (i.e. the restless ‘Chitta’ being thrown variously) of the ‘Chitta’ are the Obstacles.

  •  (I.31)
    Suffering, Despondency, Trembling, Irregular breathing accompany the distractions.

  •  (II.16)
    Suffering yet to come can be avoided , nay! IS to be avoided. (Then you are liberated).

  •  (II.28)
    By the daily practice of precisely the same routine of the limbs of the body-yogique, the psycho-somatic impurities disappear and there arises illumination of knowledge, which culminates in discriminative discernment.